Bitumen is one of the most reliable materials for roofing systems. It has extreme waterproofing characteristics and is in immense use in the commercial roofing business. At Stalwart Contractors, we offer modified bitumen that is above par from all other roofing systems in their reliability.
We make the best of use of Bitumen and reinforce its durability with adding materials that would help even more. The strength of the Bitumen material increases by adding fiberglass or polyester fiber to it.
The flexibility of the roofing membrane adds ease for expansion in severe heat. Moreover, these types of roofs have one of the best aging abilities and can last for a very long time. The advantages of modified bitumen are:
  • It is extremely reliable and is not very easy to damage.
  • The modified bitumen roofing systems are very easy to repair and do not cost a lot.
  • They are one of the most weather resistant roofing systems available.
  • They are flexible and can expand and contract rather easily.

Stalwart Contractors can repair and install modified bitumen-roofing systems with ease and perfection. We have the best people for the job and you will not regret getting us to work on your commercial roof.
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