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We, the Stalwart Contractors have been working in Armonk NY for over 25 years, providing the best quality work for residential roof repair and roof installation.We are known for our quality work.We provide you the best and efficient team to get your work done in no time.


Residential Roof Repair Contractor

We are famous because we are (without a doubt) the best residential roofing contractor. Our contractors never leave any work undone. We have a team that has enough experience and professional training. When you hire a residential roof repair you are always conscious about the quality work and reliability, and so are we. We assure you that we provide both quality and reliability.

Our contractors are trained for providing you well-functioning roof. You only need our contractors to work on your roofs no matter where you are in New York. Their service includes:

  • Roof repair and installation
  • Stone and brickwork
  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Marble, Stucco, and Granite work.

What are the Components of Residential Roof Repair?

While installing or hiring a roofing contractor you must know about what are the required components for residential roofing. It includes all those products to provide a quality-roofing system for homes, which include:

  • Roofing Shingles
  • Underlayment
  • Accessory Products
  • Starter Shingles

Shingle Roofing for your Residence

We offer you many types of shingle roofing for your residence to give a furnished look. The major three are:

  • Strip Shingle
  • Dimensional Shingle
  • Luxury Shingle

Strip Shingle:

Manufacturers of these offer the most basic types of shingles. For instance,strip shingles are single-layered, which gives them a slate-like look. They have a very flat appearance and the lightest weight. They used to be the leading roofing shingles not too long ago. These days,strip shingles for roofing are more common because of their low rate. It helps in making cost-effective homes.

Dimensional Shingle:

Dimensional Shingles are the becoming the leading roofing. They have double layers and are usually heavy in weight. It gives the house a thicker and richer appearance. They are better in quality and are more long-lasting.

Luxury Shingle:

Luxury Shingles are usually known as laminated shingles. They have a different look, which makes it easy to differentiate their functionality. They help in providing lower of energy cost.


The design of the underlayment is as roofing deck. This will work as a water-resistant layer beneath roofing shingles.Water proofing shingle underlayment prevents all kind of leakage that may result from a faulty ice dame and wind-driven pain.

Accessory Products

Accessory shingles finish hips and ridges of a residential roofing. They carry the same warranty as the shingles. They are very useful and designed especially for this purpose.

Starter shingles

The design of startershingles works especially with the different type of shingles. They give consistent appearance and performance. They will make the roof your house standout from the rest in the area. The next time you need a residential roof repair, consider using these.

Roof Tiles Installation

It is important to fix tiles on roofs to keep rain out. They are shiny and slippery andattached properly. This helps to drain all the water down when it rains. Roof tiles installation need a lot of attention and skills to make it useful.

The most common type of tile is made up of clay or slate. We provide you tiles with long lasting materials. They are flat cement roof tiles and plastic tiles. We provide installation of roof tiles with heat resistance and water resistant roof coating.

Is Choosing Stalwart Contractors Worth It for You?

Well, choosing us would be the only option for you if you need high-quality work. We provide the best contractors that will make your work done easily and you will be pleased. We use quality material and never settle for less.

Stalwart is a family operated a business. We keep satisfaction of the customer our top priority. We always try to finish our work in lesser time avoiding any hindrance or unconvincing.We do long-lasting work. We make sure that you get your desired look for your house. We are in this industry for over 30 years and in all this time, we have gained a lot of experience. Our skilled team not only meet your expectations but definitely go beyond that.

Quality is our top priority. No matter what type of tile you use we are available at affordable price for installation with perfect finishing. We also deal in with flat, barrel and interlocking roof tiles that last longer.Give you roofs a wonderful experience. Call us and save your time by trying any other contractor for your residential roof repair.We also offer Firestone roofing. Get our services to make your Firestone roof reliable and better.

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